About us

How many times have you missed a great gig or event only because you found out too late about it? Are you one of those persons who follows his or her favourite artist to the end of time?

5gig.com wants to help you to find out about the latest concerts, the best sessions and the festivals you can’t miss. Another of its aims is to support small and big artists spreading the popularity of events through comments, votes and new social promotion techniques on the Internet. Apart from all this, 5gig.com has a database with over 400.000 artists and thousands of albums to complete all the musical information of your interest. If you cannot find the artist you’re interested in or a venue is not listed or you would like to advertise a gig so it gets to hundreds of fans, do not hesitate to add any information you want.

Receive in your email account information about gigs in your favourite city, venue or of your favourite arist and you will never miss one again.

5gig.co.uk uses the following APIs:

  • GoogleMaps API, to show the location of the venues and the regions where users are located.
  • The artists and albums database MusicBrainz.org.
  • The information about related artists and Tags is obtained from the Web service Last.fm, AudioScrobbler.org.
  • Geographic information is doubled checked on Geonames
  • Videos of artists and performances are obtained from Youtube.com
  • Some gig pictures are obtained from Flickr.com