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- Your email is private and no nvivo.es user has access to it. Nvivo.es will only use your email to send concert and news alerts and notifications with your consent. You can cancel all these notifications on your user profile or by contacting us.

- You cannot add photos or video to nvivo.es that you do not own and/or that contain identifiable images of people or that could infringe on any right to honor, privacy, and self-image.

- Nvivo.es does not want you to miss any concerts, but it purposes to give you artist information so that you can share good times with other users. Any improper use of the site will not be permitted.

- For any other questions, remember that you can always contact us.

Terms and Conditions

Access and use of the service at nvivo.es implies that you accept the following conditions.

X. Legal Information

Nvivo Internet S.L. is owner of the website nvivo.es, housed in Bilbao, Spain. Rodriguez Arias 15, 4º; Provided C.I.F. B95505855, registered in the Mercantile Registry of Biscay, Volume 4901, folio 57, page BI-51097, 1st registration (henceforth "NVIVO"). The present Conditions regulate the access and use of the service of the website nvivo.es ("Website") that NVIVO makes available to Internet users interested in its services and content. NVIVO can alter at any time, without prior notice, the design, presentation and/or configuration of the Website for some or all of its services. The use of this Website implies full acceptance of the provisions published by NVIVO. Likewise, NVIVO notifies the Users of this Website that these Conditions may be modified without prior notice. Therefore, the User should read the present Conditions closely each time he/she proceeds to use the service, since the Conditions may have undergone changes. The use of certain services offered to Users through the Website may be subject to their own specific conditions that, when used, provide for the the substitution, modification, and/or completion of the present General Conditions of Use. Therefore, before using said services, the User should also thoroughly read and accept the specific corresponding conditions.

X. Exclusion of Liability and Guarantees

Nvivo.es is not liable for the content shown on the web pages of the domain nvivo.es. This information is provided by third parties and could contain errors and inaccuracies. Nvivo.es always recommends comparing the information with the institution that organizes the different published events. Nvivo.es is not liable for harm or damage caused by any type of erroneous information provided here. Nvivo.es does not offer any guarantees for the correct functioning of the services it offers to its users.

X. User Registration and Access

Nvivo.es makes the use of its services conditional to the prior completion of the corresponding User registration, the selection of an identifier (User email) and password that the User commits to keeping and using with due diligence. Password use is personal and nontransferable; it is not permitted for you to assign your password, even temporarily, to third parties. In this sense, the User should take the necessary measures in custody of the selected password, avoiding use of the password by third parties. Consequently, the User is the only one liable for the use made of the password, with complete indemnity for NVIVO. The cited registration will be handled as expressly stated in the service itself or as the Specific Conditions, if any, regulate it. All information provided by the User through the service must be truthful. For this purpose, the User guarantees the authenticity of all data communicated as a result of completing the necessary forms for subscription to the Services. Similarly, it is the User's responsibility to keep all information provided to NVIVO constantly updated so that it corresponds at all times to the actual situation of the User. In any event, the User shall be solely responsible for any false or inaccurate statements made and the damages caused to NVIVO or third parties through the information provided.

X. Conditions for Access and Use of the Website

The user promises to make conscientious use of the Website and the services accessible through it, being completely subject to the Law, morality and, when applicable, specific conditions, in order to maintain due respect to the other users. Any use separate from the purpose of this Website is expressly prohibited. In this sense, the User will renounce the use of any of the materials and informational content of this Website for illicit purposes and purposes expressly prohibited in the present General Conditions of Use, as well as in specific conditions that may be enforced, that are contrary to the rights and interests of NVIVO, its members and/or third parties. The User will answer to the aforementioned in the event of a violation or breach of obligations and/or that, in any fashion (including the introduction or spread of viruses), damages, disables, overloads, impairs or impedes the normal function of the materials and informational content of the Website, information and documents, files and all types of content hosted on any technological equipment belonging to NVIVO, its members or any other User of the Website. In conformance with NVIVO's antiSPAM policy, the User is obliged to sustain from carrying out actions for promotional or advertising purposes as well as sending commercial communications of any type and through any media that are not solicited or previously approved by NVIVO and/or interested parties. The User who intentionally or culpably does not comply with any of the preceding obligations will be liable for all damages caused.

X. Obligations for the Use of NVIVO

X.1. - General Obligations for the Use of NVIVO

The data required for the registration of the User as well as for the rest of the services should be truthful. The information provided by the User should be legally valid and meet the requirements and conditions of NVIVO. Activities are prohibited that are suspected to be illegal according to national, autonomous community, or international law or that are suspected to be illegal or in conflict with good faith principles; that contain information suspected to be criminal, such as slander, threats, insults or any other offenses described in the penal code, that do not fall within the quality parameters established by NVIVO.

X.2. - Policy for the Publication of Photos and Video

The main photo for users of the Site has the purpose of identifying and distinguishing them from the rest of the users. NVIVO will not allow for the inclusion of any type of image on the part of its members, only those that have been accepted after a validation process will be published under the exclusive criteria of the NVIVO team. Images that contain offensive, violent, ideological, xenophobic, erotic, obscene or sexual content will be rejected, as well as photos that are corrupted or of low quality. NVIVO cannot confirm the ownership or copyright of images and videos that are included in artist events and profiles. If it is shown to a third party, it should be with the express authorization and under the exclusive authority of the implicated user. NVIVO reserves the right to crop and resize images to fit the layout of the Site. Likewise, NVIVO reserves the right to delete, without prior notice, those images that it deems to be inappropriate in accordance with the objectives and nature of the site. You cannot publish photos or material with author's rights without the express consent of the author. NVIVO is not liable for photos that users publish online.

X.3. - Policy for Profile Approval

The Policy for Profile Approval is designed to regulate the content of profiles with the purpose of ensuring a general environment of quality with content, language and appropriate intentions for the security of all of its users. Profiles will not be approved that contain:* Personal contact information, such as telephone numbers* Sexually explicit or sexually suggestive language * Defamatory, abusive, aggressive or violent content * Sexual suggestion or nudity in the photo NVIVO, at its discretion, reserves the right to reject users if the published information does not demonstrate, in the opinion of NVIVO, a level of trust, security, and credibility sufficient for its inclusion in NVIVO's community of users. In this sense, NVIVO reserves the right to delete without prior notice registered users who do not comply with NVIVO's principles of quality and truthfulness. Given that it is impossible for NVIVO to control all published content, it does not assume liability for it. Any user who provides information or carries out actions that conflict with active law assumes exclusive responsibility for the damages and consequences incurred, exempting NVIVO from any responsibility. In any case, exhaustive controls are periodically used to ensure that profiles comply with policy and that the quality of published materials is maintained. With the help of everyone, we can make NVIVO a better site, so if you find inappropriate content, please contact us at theband@nvivo.es. Users who violate any of the conditions mentioned here will be removed from the Site.

X. Content Licensing

Information about artists (names, albums, dates, etc.) on NVIVO has been extracted in the majority of cases from the free and open database MusicBrainz.org, with the Creative Commons Public Domain license. Additionally, there are certain artists who have added to NVIVO's database information that does not appear on MusicBrainz.org, however they also have this type of license. Other data contributed by MusicBrainz users, such as album covers or other statistical data are under the license Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0. NVIVO obtains certain information about artists from the site last.fm through its web service AudioScrobbler, under their license requirements. Information about the venues and concerts have been added by NVIVO users, as well as comments and any other type of information included by NVIVO users, likewise found under the license Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.0. NVIVO is not liable for the accuracy, reliability, truthfulness, or technical quality of the comments or opinions of its users, who will be uniquely responsible in these terms. The opinions or comments that can be read on the Site are not advice given by NVIVO, but by its users who are responsible for their publication. NVIVO will be held blameless for any charges brought by a third party against the society as a result of some content written on the Site, maintaining the right to a legal defense against this type of accusation. Furthermore, the liable party for this content will be obligated to defray the pertinent legal costs. The user expressly authorizes NVIVO to publish their profile on the Site and in other media communications used on and by NVIVO. NVIVO reserves the right to erase and not publish content that violates their publication. Photos and video published on NVIVO must be free of author's rights. Not being so, they will be immediately removed and all liability will fall to the user who published them.

X. Links to Third Party Sites

The Site contains links to other web pages that are not controlled by NVIVO. Many of these external services or sites may have been published by the users themselves or form part of websites affiliated in one way or another with NVIVO. The function of the links is exclusively to inform the user and does not imply the support or endorsement by NVIVO of the web page or its content. The User who decides to use any of the links to access third party web pages, leaves the Site and assumes personal responsibility for whatever risk may be derived from the user of the website accessed.

X. Applicable Legislation and Jurisdiction

The present general conditions and the rest of the legal conditions of the website shall be governed by Spanish law. Any questions that may arise or actions derive from the user of the service of nvivo.es and its services and content and on the interpretation, application, compliance or noncompliance with what is established here, nvivo.es and the User, expressly waiving any other legislation that may apply, subject themselves to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Judges of Bilbao.