I'm a venue

You’ve landed at au.5gig.com and you’re not too sure what it’s all about? You don’t know how you can take advantage of announcing the gigs at your venue here? Don’t worry, we explain it to you and before the end of a track you’ll be adding gigs accessible to thousands of fans in the UK & USA. If you’re fed up of appearing in dozens of websites, sending emails to friends, keeping your agenda, mailing list, contacting specialised websites and even so you’re venues are never a full-house, keep on reading to understand the advantages of announcing your venue in au.5gig.com.

Adding a gig on au.5gig.com is easy

It’s so easy, anyone can do it: fans, users, artists, venues or any other person interested in music. If you don’t add your gigs, maybe some else is doing it for you. You only need to look for name in our venues search engine to prove this. You don’t appear in our venues database? No problem, you can register in less than 1 minute using the venues registration form. Ready? You’re now prepared to add your first concert.

Your effort is not in vain: add your information only after we spread it

Isn’t it frustrating to send so many emails, bulletins, faxes, letters, messages, calls, posters, etc? Forget about all that. With au.5gig.com you add your concerts just once and with the automatic sindication through RSS and our email alerts it will be notified to hundreds of users. We put at your disposal concert tables so that you can easily add them to your website, your fans are already doing it!

You’ll reach a specialised and increasing audience

The users and visitor of au.5gig.com include all kind of agents: venue managers, artists, promotion agencies, and, of course: fans. Apart from our faithful traffic, we have much traffic from search engines, with visitors eager to discover new music. You’ll finally appear in search engines such as Google, MSN, Yahoo… A great part of our visitors arrive at our website by using the main search engines. We won’t complicate things, check yourself in google.com.

Interact with your fans and other artists and venues

Don’t just publish your information, the users can leave comments and messages for you in your venue record and in each of your gigs. Use this tool and make sure that the talk of town information works. You can also contact with lots of artists and venues which are already advertising with us, make great contacts in au.5gig.com. You can also access very interesting information: how many users receive your alerts, how many sign up to go to your gig, how many visit your venue record, etc. Your exact location, your contact details and your agenda only one click away We use the Google Maps technology so a map indicating how to get to your venue appears automatically, as well as your contact details. In the same record sheet, a list of programmed and added in au.5gig.com concerts will appear, which you can even use as a flyer to give out in your venue.